Heating costs

Not without reasons folk’s proverbs say: ‘’Prepare the sledge in summer’’. Just when winter comes we

ponder that is the time to change the heating system and that the old one is too expensive. Therefore, we

frequently start looking for new and effective ways how to heat our home.

Biofuel – lower heating price.

People, who live in the districts of Utena, Moletai, Sirvintos and some other ones, where most of the

warmth is produced by burning biofuel, can enjoy the heating price being less than 1/3.

People often form a common opinion that if the product saves environment, it can be reasonless more

expensive. But talking about the biofuel boilers, everything is opposite. Ecological fuel is less expensive

than the usual one. In the comparison chart made by specialists

Comparison of fuel prices for heating 1 square meter, which was made by specialists, shows that the least

expensive is to heat houses by using wood packs, straw and wood pellets. The most expensive kinds of

fuel are considered to be: electricity, derv, natural gas.

The straw pellets are appealing to the customers not only because of their low price, but also because this

kind of fuel has more advantages :

• Ecological fuel. Pellets are produced of 100% natural straw; they are chemical, complement and

glue free.

• Ecological fertilizer. After straw pellets are burned out, a little amount of clean ash remains: those

ashes perfectly act like fertilizer in agriculture.

• Big supply. The raw for fuel production renews every year and is a product of local market.

Today in Lithuania’s market the supply of straw pellets is huge and variety of straw pellets can be

purchased easily. Main kinds of pellets are:

• Rape pellets

• Wheat straw pellets

• Rye straw pellets

• Mixed straw pellets.

Around 3500 Kcal/kg (Mj: 14.6)

Humidity: up to 12%

Amount of ash: not more than 6%